Sonntag, 30. April 2017

CT Tags Vi Nina & Mariel Designs
played with the beautiful tube "Thanksgiving Dog" by ViNina
available here

and wonderful autumn themed kit "Thankful Autumn" by Mariel Designs

Tags for Nina & Marie

CT Tags Dees'Sign Depot & ViNina
with the wonderful kit "Sweet Pea"
available here

I used beautyful tube "Jennifer" by ViNina
found here

Tags for Dee & Nina

Donnerstag, 27. April 2017

CT Tags S&Co
plaed with the lovely tube "Sexy Curvey Girl" by Ismael Rac
available here

used the cute matching Kit "Curbey Girl" by Mariel Designs
found here

Tags for Ismael & Marie

Mittwoch, 26. April 2017

CT Tags Pink Paradox Productions & Lysisange
played with the lovely kit "Spring Garden"
available here

used the lovely tube "Miss Spring"
found here

Tags for Carrie & Lysisange

Montag, 24. April 2017

CT Tag Dees'Sign Depot
played with the lovely kit "Just Bee-Cos"
available here

used the beautiful tube "Just Bee" by Zlata M
found here

Tag for Dee